J.C. Hart Core Values

Through the years we established our Core Values, Purpose, Vision, Goal, and BHAG for the company. Passion, Integrity, Development, Innovation, and Teamwork are the Core Values foundation for J.C. Hart to focus on creating enjoyable living experiences. With our Core Values and Purpose in place we created a Vision for the company where “Our passion for our customers creates demand that far exceeds our supply.” We believe these pieces together drive us toward our Goal of Excellence in what we do.

As we have evolved we have continued to build on this foundation by becoming a Gazelle’s organization and adopting a BHAG for our future. By December 31, 2025 we will provide enjoyable living experiences to families in 12,000 J.C. Hart homes.  The relationships we build and partnerships we have are all important in helping us achieve this goal. 



• Dedication to the company and our customers.

• Desire and Drive to provide remarkable service.

• Maintain a positive attitude and a high level of enthusiasm.

• Enjoy what you do!




• Conduct yourself in an honest and ethical manner.

• Embrace diversity by treating each individual with dignity and respect.

• Be true to others, yourself, and the company vision.

• Demonstrate professionalism in all actions and words.



• Advance knowledge, skills, and competencies.

• Embrace lifelong learning and improvements.

• Mature and grow from challenges.

• Be resourceful when problem solving.



• Anticipate and embrace change.

• Creatively seek new ideas and best practices.

• Be willing to challenge current practices.

• Overcome obstacles to achieve goals.



• Inspire others to succeed and develop.

• Be flexible to think and act beyond the scope of your responsibilities.

• Put team goals ahead of individual objectives.

• Be accountable to the J.C. Hart family and yourself.